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Dia Creative works with companies of all sizes, across industries to modernize, customize and optimize your organization’s digital experience and marketing.

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Marketing used to be putting out a sign in front of your dental practice or retail shop. Now you have nearly a hundred different channels to choose from, each with its own ever-evolving requirements, and by the way you’re doing it with a team of under five people.


That sounds exhausting…


and inefficient, ineffective, frustrating, wasteful etc. I could go on.
Or we could chat quickly for free and work out how to best help you
regain control of your marketing.

How do we help?

Marketing Strategy

Do you know what your company’s overall goal and purpose is? Do you know how to achieve it? Most of our clients are scattered, trying to do everything and doing none of it well. We establish KPIs that help you make better marketing decisions.

We work together to clarify and prioritize to make the biggest impact on your business.

Marketing Optimization

Trying to run lean and compete in a growing marketplace can seem impossible, but with the right systems in place we can optimize your small team to outmaneuver the competition.

We’re the expert in your corner integrating partner agencies to work better for your business.

Wait...there's more...

Market Expansion

You’ve carved out a high-converting territory where you are a prominent player. Congrats! Not all businesses can make that claim.

But now you’re ready to expand into a new line, a new target audience, or a new country. The same marketing tactics that worked before probably won’t work again.

We start with a fresh evaluation of your brand values and how they will be received with your new initiative. We establish realistic goals and marketing experiments to effectively direct our launch strategy to make the greatest impact in the marketplace while staying true to your vision.

Website Redesign

Whether its been a while since you updated your site or your business has shifted in a new direction, we make creating and launching a new website a pleasurable experience.

And not a lot of people can say that!

We build our client’s sites on WordPress (hosting millions of sites worldwide) or Shopify (the leading ecommerce platform). It gives us the flexibility to create something as simple as a series of coaching funnels or as complex as a theatre ticketing system.

We also train you to completely own your website so you aren’t dependent on us for every little change in the future.

Brand Clarity & Design

Far too many businesses start without a clear understanding of their purpose and priorities. This leads to:

  • confusing messaging
  • delays in decision-making
  • reaching the wrong customers with the wrong story
  • a failing business

Taking the time to run through the branding process and diligently sticking to a minimal number of core principles and goals (OKRs) can make the biggest impact on the health of your business long-term.

Launch Strategy

Whether your launching a new product, a new business or a new sales pitch, its important to

1) develop a solid plan
2) execute effectively
3) measure and learn

Together we map out these three steps, pulling learnings from your past marketing initiatives as well as market-specific industry insights.


Some recent clients

While not every project involves a website overhaul, for those that do…here are a few.

Check out these Before and After’s - After

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Dia Creative was absolutely the right choice when it came time to update our website and start taking digital marketing more seriously. The process was straight-forward and Andreea really listened to our needs and developed out a marketing strategy that we could execute on week after week.

Melanie Fergusson

Tudor Investments LLC

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We start every client interaction off with a free strategy session to help determine what is the right solution for your business right now and how to best make your business future-proof.

Send us a bit of information about yourself. To prepare you for our conversation, these are some of the questions we ask:

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Our Philosophy

Melding into your Marketing

Whether your start-up is managing its marketing part-time or you have a dedicated resource that’s overwhelmed by the multitude of channels, Dia Creative fits in perfectly.

We meld seamlessly into your marketing organization. Starting with Marketing Strategy and Marketing Operation Optimization, we ensure that your Marketing Foundation is built correctly.

Next, we can fill in the gaps: Email, Social Media Growth, Influencer Management, Affiliate Management, Website Development and Refresh, Launch Strategy, Graphic Design, Social Media Ads, PPC and more.