10 of The Best Christmas Marketing Campaigns

The holidays are a great time to take your marketing campaigns to the next level. Here are ten of the most memorable holiday campaigns in the last twenty years.

Coca-Cola White Christmas (2014)

This Coca-Cola ad was created for Singapore. Since the Philippines does not experience snow, Oglivy wanted to give the people of Singapore a sense of what a white Christmas would look and feel like.

Qantas “Feels Like Home” (2015)

Everyone knows that traveling for the holidays is stressful, and annoying and can lead to a not very merry time. Qantas wanted to remind everyone that Qantas helps bring the family together at Christmas.

Google (2018)

Home Alone is a Christmas classic film that everyone enjoys on a cozy night. Google took that nostalgia and asked Macaulay Culkin to come back and reprise his role as Kevin McCallister. Macaulay wakes up home alone (again) and advertises the benefit of the Hey Google feature. 

Pepsi (2020)

Pepsi has always been the one to shy away from traditions and the norm. For this 2020 Christmas campaign Pepsi partnered with rappers encouraging a younger generation to shy away from traditions and the rules, connecting to a newer generation of soft drink consumers while advertising their iconic red white a blue.

Starbucks (2017)

In 2017, Starbucks launched its Project Give Good campaign in which it handed out $1 million worth of gift cards to customers in December. This campaign was hosted on social media and reminded people to spread some holiday cheer. 

Walkers Chips (2019)

Nothing screams Christmas more than Mariah Carey. In this commercial, the queen Christmas is recording her music video for her iconic song “All I Want For Christmas is You”. Mariah then hands the crew gifts while the staff eats Walker Chips, reminding the audience it’s a season of sharing. 

UPS “Wishes Delivered” (2018)

The holidays are the busiest time of the year for package delivery companies. How do you bring back good spirits into a stressful time of the year? Enter the Wishes Delivered campaign. The UPS team described it best “Wishes Delivered is a social campaign that is more than just simple marketing: it has become a platform for the brand to tell authentic, heartfelt stories that truly connect with people and make them feel something real”. 

McDonald’s “Reindeer Ready” (2020)

This Christmas campaign really focused on the nostalgia of Christmas and reliving the magic you felt as a child. McDonald’s wanted their audience to bring out their inner child this Christmas and enjoy the little things.

Oreo Elf Eats His First Oreo (2020)

This ad is a cute moment of sharing a universal experience of eating your first Oreo. In this commercial, an elf is taught how to eat and enjoy an Oreo, reminding us to not only share presents and gifts but also experiences.

M&M They Do Exist (1996)

A classic ad that doesn’t grow old. First launched in 1996 and still playing every year. The red and yellow M&M meet Santa and are shocked he exists. Santa meets the M&Ms and is equally as shocked that the M&Ms exist. They both faint and the M&M logo plays. 


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