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Is the majority of your business wholesale and you’re looking to grow your eCommerce presence?

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Are you starting to get some eCommerce orders but know it could be so much better?

Are you interested in building a better relationship with your end consumers but not sure how?

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We Bring your audience back to you

By leveraging your existing fans, we connect you with your community to help bring conversions right to your door step. 

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We partner with the leading email & SMS marketing platforms

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 eCommerce Revenue (23% of total)   

35% more vs previous period

This food brand was generating less than 10% of monthly revenue from its website. It was missing out on opportunities like subscription, referral programs and wasn’t strategically leveraging email, SMS or social media.

We focused on optimizing their website as well as modernizing their outdated email/SMS acquisition and flows. Implementing a Subscribe & Save program created a steady stream of predictable monthly revenue.

Why Start Now?

The Market is Growing

According to Verified Market Research, the food eCommerce market size is expected to grow to $1029.14B by 2031. That's a massive jump from its valuation of USD 237.23 Billion in 2024, reflecting a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of around 20%.

Online Grocery Shopping is Not a Fad

Digital Commerce 360 reports that even though growth slowed in 2022 as people returned to in-person shopping, online food and beverage sales are still growing faster than overall e-commerce.

Email marketing has a 4200% ROI

According to a study by Litmus, email marketing boasts an impressive ROI of 42:1. This means for every dollar invested, brands can expect a potential return of $42.

SmartBox Case Study

When SmartBox started with Dia Creative in January 2023, the business was primarily serving the B2C eCommerce space as a great gift option. 

Working together, we established that the brand had a number of additional target customers that would be a great fit for such a cool brand with a unique offering. SmartBox not only offers healthy snacks but also snacks that are regional, inherently a small business supporting other small businesses.

We expanded SmartBox’s marketshare into B2B gifting and office subscription boxes, while also growing the B2C eCommerce side to better serve families looking for an ongoing subscription of snacks and one-purchases for gifts and parties. 

The company has been steadily growing month-over-month, with each month being more profitable than the year before. 

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Unlike most agencies that are just focused on just doing what they’ve done over and over, we think different. What’s right for your business might not be what was right for other businesses. We start with a branding deep dive to identify and understand your target audience, what they’re looking for and how you solve it. Then we build out our customized Dia Content Matrix that not only drives traffic back to your site, but increases conversions.

We like to function as an extension of your existing team. As such, we work the way you best like to work! For some clients, we have weekly or biweekly meetings. For others, we communicate exclusively via email. Because we’re not just focused on retention or email or SMS, we can amplify our efforts by leveraging your other channels.

Month-to-month. Our clients stay with us because they like working with us.

Cheaper than hiring a full-time staffer with access to 20+ professionals that you can lean on to help you grow!

Dia Creative has worked with B2C and B2B companies across highly regulated industries like medical and legal as well as highly competitive eCommerce industries like beauty, wellness and food. Unlike industry-focused agencies, we’ve seen we can make a bigger impact on our client’s businesses because we leverage learnings across industries, rather than relying on just the expertise within one niche.