Google’s AI Overviews Crash in Visibility

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Google’s AI-powered search feature, AI Overviews, has plummeted in visibility, showing up in less than 15% of queries.

The Rise and Fall of AI Overviews

AI Overviews, formerly ‘Search Generative Experience’ in Google Labs, once appeared in 84% of queries. However, starting in mid-April, the presence of AI Overviews plummeted, continuing into May as the launch was quickly marred by numerous incorrect and dangerous AI-generated answers, like suggestions to eat rocks, for instance.

Industry and Query Variations

AI Overviews are more likely to be triggered by question-based and healthcare-related queries. However, their appearance has dropped to less than 1% for restaurant and travel queries, down from 36% and 30% in January, respectively.

Google has also reduced the overlap between AI citations and classic search results, generally opting for classic search results that are supplemented with follow-up queries that anticipate your questions before you ask them.

“It is inevitable that the relationship between AI and search will accelerate. We must acknowledge that it is getting some things wrong at the moment but be aware that it is fine-tuning several things – search quality, the flow of traffic in its ecosystem, and monetization (ads). It will get exponentially better over time.”

Jim Yu, Founder of BrightEdge

Understanding the decline in Google’s AI Overviews is crucial for staying informed about the evolving landscape of search technology and its impact on information accuracy and accessibility.

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