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Congrats you’ve made it this far! Seriously. Most companies don’t realize how important branding is.

But here’s a great example. A cup of coffee is $1 at McDonald’s and $5 at Starbucks. Most of that is branding.

Alright...Alright..enough chatter....

Rules of the Branding Exercise

Start from the beginning. Don’t skip ahead. Take each question one-at-a-time.

For much of this worksheet, the previous exercise informs the next.

Have an open mind. No personal judgment. There are no wrong answers.

Answer every question with anything and everything that comes to mind. Sticky notes or a white board can be great tools for helping to answer these questions. If working on your own, give yourself at least a half-hour for each page of uninterrupted time to focus.
Then put the sheets out on your desk so they are easily accessible as you work throughout the day. As new inspiration hits fill in some more information.

If working with a partner or a team, write down responses separately following the procedure above. Once complete, meet and stack responses that are similar. Using sticky notes for this exercise is an easy way to quickly assess which responses have the largest “pile” and are the most popular amongst everyone’s input.

For the Customer Persona page.

If you’ve already had a few customers, it can help to think of and name a real person. Others have chosen to go with a fun name everyone can get on board with, like Boris the Buyer or Rachel the Realtor.

It is recommended when first starting your business, or if this is your first time taking a real look at Branding, to only write out ONE customer persona.

Work through that one customer persona, perfect how you market, sell and serve this person and THEN move onto the next customer persona. Early on especially, businesses can fail by trying to be everything to everyone. Because of this, you want this first target persona to be your most profitable option. So take some time to identify which of your many customer options garners you the most
profit with the least amount of effort.

The Voice.

Here you’ll find standard brand personas you’ll recognize in some of the most well-known brands. Think about how they speak to their customers. Who are they to their customers? Now think through who you are to your customers.

How about a walk-through?

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