How Social Media Has Changed Marketing

Two decades ago, the marketing world was much different. Typically, a company advertised via print, TV, radio, or billboard. Today, with nearly 6 out of every 10 people worldwide using social media, it’s a different environment.

The exponential growth of social media has reshaped marketing in various ways, social media changed marketing. With this in mind, let’s take a look at how social media has changed marketing and the ways you can leverage the internet marketing landscape to boost your business success.

Social Media Changed Marketing and Brand Visibility

Brand Visibility

Networking has always been a major part of the business world. Word of mouth is a highly effective way of expanding your brand’s reach, but it was not always so fast. However, social media has upgraded this effective strategy in significant ways.

To appreciate how social media has changed marketing, consider how it allows you to break down geographical barriers in days, if not hours or even minutes. Social media influencers come from all over the world, giving your business the opportunity to reach untold millions of social media users that you wouldn’t have had via traditional means in the early days of marketing.

Your customer base can easily expand from your own town or region to anywhere in the world.

Social media marketing has opened up two-way communication between brand and audience to increase transparency and brand visibility.

Taylor O’Connell, Red Shark Digital.

Social Media Marketing Provides Access to The Global Market

The Global Market

Tap into the global market with social media marketing, enabling businesses of all sizes to gain popularity worldwide without straining their marketing budget. Expand your reach and unlock the privileges that lead to business success through effective social media ads.

With social media, it’s easier for content to go viral, spreading rapidly across borders. Creative, compelling campaigns can potentially reach millions of people within a short period with the right social media management, generating increased brand exposure and amplifying your marketing efforts.

Social Media Marketing Better Connects You to Your Customer

With so many social platforms to choose from, modern marketing makes it easier to for your company to engage with customers to meet the ever-growing consumer demands. In fact, social media lets businesses like yours engage your customer in real-time and in the way that’s best for your business.

Through social media, your business can maintain a continuous brand presence and stay top-of-mind with your target audience not just locally but also globally. Posting regular updates, sharing content, and engaging with users keeps you visible and helps meet consumer demands.

How Video Content Improves Engaging the Right Users

Engaging Video Content

The rise of social media has drastically altered how video content can target specific demographics. Instead of creating general ads that reach a wide audience, such as those on TV, today’s digital landscape allows you target customers on a far more personal level.

One way is via influencer marketing. When you collaborate with a popular social media personality to promote your product or service, you can tap into their already-established credibility and dedicated following to increase brand awareness and expand your reach.

Another way companies interact via video with customers is UGC (user-generated content). To meet your marketing needs, you should be leveraging UGC, if you haven’t already, as social platforms have empowered users to create and share content about your brand.

Marketing via UGC is a golden opportunity to offer social proof and influence buying decisions. This boosts authenticity and engages your community by building trust with them.

Social Media Marketing Provides Access to Big Data

Successful businesses have always used data insights to help their make their marketing more efficient and effective. Social media has revolutionized this.

With social media, you can directly target demographics based on this access to large information resources. Using robust analytics tools, social media platforms enable marketers like you to track and analyze, in real time, the performance of your campaigns.

Targeted Advertising: Effect of Digital Marketing and Data

Targeted Advertising

An important aspect of the power of data is that you don’t have to guess what your customer wants or why. When you personalize your marketing efforts, you can reach specific audiences in various locations and attract more customers.

Social media offers you precise targeting options that help you define your target audience based on factors including demographics, interests, behaviors, and more. This level of precision allows you to deliver personalized, relevant, and engaging content to specific audience segments.

This helps you gain valuable insights into engagement, demographics, content performance, and conversion rates, which means you’re better able to make data-driven decisions and optimize your marketing strategies.

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Social Media Marketing Promotes Transparency

Nowadays, trust in a brand is very important to customers. They want to purchase from a brand that not only creates great products or services but also reflects their own values.

Of course, customers want to buy from brands with products that make their life easier; increasing, however, they want to patronize brands that support good causes.

As a result, customers want more transparency. Social media is changing this because of the greater visibility it gives to businesses, as it can encourage consumers to take a peek behind the corporate curtain before making a purchasing decision, allowing users to review businesses of any size.

The Rise in E-commerce


The digital age has changed shopping attitudes and behavior. Social media is now an integral part of life, and it’s helping consumers turn to e-commerce services more and more.

The ease of buying anything from groceries and skincare to automobile parts, toys, and apparel—and everything in between— has changed how consumers look at businesses and services. It’s rare to find a business that doesn’t provide online shopping much less a website.

Social Media Marketing Boosts Business Sales and Online Shopping

Since so many of your customers and target audience are already on social media, social media marketing is crucial the success of your business. Uploading content regularly and using social media tools to target certain demographic groups can boost brand visibility and better reach consumers.

E-commerce helps get your products noticed and gets your business more sales. It can also allow you to offer your customers more flexibility and convenience, such as allowing multiple payment options, including contactless payments, and providing new services, such as delivery, to meet demand.

Social Media: Where Marketing and Customer Service Connect

Customer Service Connect

Traditionally, many brands would separate customer service from marketing, but social platforms have transformed that strategy.

Nowadays, users rely on social media to reach a business. Instead of calling, they now email or send direct messages via social media, a much more convenient way of communication.

Implementing this into your marketing strategy allows you the opportunity to create more seamless and transparent interactions with your customers, while also giving you the freedom to run more targeted advertising campaigns.

The Effect of Direct Communication

Running campaigns on social media not only allows your company to engage with your audience through comments and messages, but you can also provide immediate support for those seeking assistance. You can offer product recommendations, answer questions about your services, and even have quizzes or surveys to boost engagement. Even more, you can show your appreciation for your audience by being proactive in resolving customer issues or complaints.

This real-time, two-way communication helps businesses build brand loyalty, enhance consumer relationships, and deliver instant customer satisfaction.

Social Media’s Impact on the Marketing World

Social media marketing world

Social media marketing has transformed advertising and business operations. Using social media marketing loosens the constraints of how many you can target for shopper acquisition. It’s compelled businesses like yours to hire social marketing and social media services to increase brand awareness, improve communication, and boost conversion rates.

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