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Influencers are a great way to reach new audiences and improve brand awareness, as they serve as cost-effective spokespeople with an already established, huge, loyal following. They introduce you to new fans you wouldn’t have reached otherwise and validate your brand by posting an honest review of your product or services. 

You can speak highly of your own business all you want, but when customers see someone that they know and trust speaking about your product, it proves that you are credible — which can improve conversion rates.

Additionally, when influencers mention you on their blogs or videos, high-quality backlinks are generated to your website, causing your Google search ranking to increase and ultimately creating more traffic to your website. Businesses are seeing huge returns through influencer marketing and the industry isn’t slowing down. Dia Creative is constantly on the hunt for new influencers to partner with. We are targeting individuals with strong engagement rates and a large number of followers – think 10K+, typically even higher. For more details on the criteria we use when picking influencers, click HERE! 

Another revenue generating tactic we recommend is affiliate marketing. This process involves individuals earning a commission for marketing your product or service for you. There are many programs you can utilize for this and you have the ability to completely customize the structure. For instance, you can choose to reward your affiliates for sales only or you can expand to paying them for leads, free-trial users, clicks to a website, getting downloads for an app, etc. The options are endless. The most important aspects of affiliate marketing are finding partners who (1) have a large audience and (2) that audience is actually interested in your product or service. Affiliate marketing has become a billion-dollar industry and with the right partners, can help grow your business exponentially.

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