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Lindsey T.H. Jackson, CEO of LTHJ Global, helps individuals and companies reach their highest potential by breaking down real or perceived barriers. We were thrilled when she approached Dia Creative to assist in this journey. With our flexible, transparent business model, Lindsey hand picked the services she needed and we hit the ground running.

Working closely with their in-house Graphic Designer, we were able to successfully build a brand new website that truly embodied the important work LTHJ Global was performing. Featuring a mobile-friendly design, a plethora of easy to access resources, and a much clearer story on why DEI+A work is SO important, LTHJ Global was now able to attract the right audience, get their message across, and ultimately, turn potential leads into customers. 

In addition to a website redesign, we launched three sales funnels which utilized google ads, email marketing, and the new website. Potential customers were served an ad based on their keyword searches where they were then incentivized to sign up for LTHJ Global’s email list. Once they subscribed, they received a series of emails and ultimately, were directed to a dedicated landing page where they were able to schedule a consultation. Across all channels, we continually optimized in order to get more and better leads. For instance, through competitor research and our own A/B testing – we narrowed down our keyword list to only include the best performing words. We identified where our audience was falling off our website and adjusted design and content accordingly to keep them engaged. Our efforts spoke volumes, resulting in lowering the conversion cost from $150 to $62/month and achieving a click-through-rate that is above industry average.

Social Media was another marketing initiative we took the lead on. By building out a calendar, we delivered consistent, on-brand content that the LTHJ Global team had full visibility into. Through testing, we learned what our audience liked and engaged with and continued to build brand awareness and increase our following by posting on Facebook and Instagram daily. In our first month managing the Instagram account we increased followers by 520%. The following month, we saw a 338.7% increase. Not to mention, we expanded reach, impressions, and content interactions. 

Through our work with LTHJ Global, we successfully grew the brand, business and online presence. Specifically, we:

  • Built a new, mobile-friendly website to better serve their needs and goals
  • Created content and resources to educate their audience such as blog posts, Whitepapers, a press page, etc. 
  • Increased social media following and audience engagement 
  • Expanded their email marketing list and improved both open and click-through-rates
  • Generated numerous leads, many of which turned into customers

By building a solid framework across multiple channels and providing training and tools to the LTHJ Global team, we set them up for success and the ability to continue expanding on their own. 


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