Marketing Strategy & Promoting My Business: Where to Start?

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How important is it for me to have a marketing strategy for promoting my business? Where do I even start with that? Should I hire that out?

These are questions every entrepreneur has, or should, ask themselves. A marketing strategy itself is so important; it’s basically the roadmap on how you plan to keep up with ever-changing marketing techniques, and how you ensure that you’re being as effective as you can be with your messaging. It’s how you promote your products or services that differentiates you from your competition.

Developing promoting your business

An overall strategy is also important to have when you’re developing your promotional plan because it allows you to identify targets and set measurable goals. Without these targets and goals, your business spends precious time chasing targets that don’t make sense.

When thinking about promoting your business, it should always be in the context of your larger marketing strategy. The most important step you can take in promoting your business is to finetune your brand and your offering. Define the core values of your brand. Do they align with what your prospective customers find important?

After you’ve done the general defining of your brand, a logical place to look for more nuanced guidance is from a strategic marketing company.

How Dia Creative Can Help

  • Strategic marketing services our digital marketing agency offers
  • Marketing Strategy including a comprehensive channel marketing plan
  • Fractional CMO services

What Does a Marketing Company Do For Clients?

  • Market Research
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Branding
  • Campaign Management
  • Client Based Supports

Market Research

This part isn’t just about finding out about you as a client; it’s about looking at everyone around you. Analysing the market, competition, trends, and figures to develop a data-driven plan.


Here’s where the rubber meets the road; the data meet the plan. The marketing strategy for promoting your business is the roadmap to developing your brand and defining what success will look like.


With the knowledge of which channels you’ll need to reach your target audience, the branding strategy is put into place and the development of your brand begins.

Campaign Management

During all of this, the research never really stops, so during each campaign that is planned and managed, there is constant testing and fine turning one every channel. Look for detailed reports of what is working and where growth can take place.

Client Based Supports

Some companies, just like people, need more. Copywriting? Press Relations? Influencer or Affliate Programs? There are all common services to help you get the most out of your partnership.

To Hire Out or Not

Improve your reach

There are some questions you ask yourself here to decide if taking on marketing strategy is something you want to try in-house, or if you should partner with a professional.

  • Are you looking to improve your reach?
  • Are you still growing?
  • Do you want to capture every ounce of opportunity?

If you answered yes to any (or all) of the above, then you want to find a professional marketing partner to maximize your effort. We can connect you with someone now if you’re ready.


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