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Join us as we explore marketing insights from regulated industries. We chat with real professionals as they navigate these complexities today’s uncovering their stories and their savvy strategies for marketing success.

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Welcome to *Pioneering Perspectives – Medical Marketing*, the podcast where we dive deep into the cutting-edge strategies driving success in regulated industries. Join us as we explore the dynamic intersection of health and wellness, innovation, and marketing with top professionals navigating today’s complex landscape. Whether you’re a marketing expert in the health and wellness sector, an entrepreneur from a VC-backed medical start-up, or a financier eager to grow your investments in this thriving industry, our podcast offers invaluable insights and inspiring stories that can help you stay ahead of the curve. Tune in to discover the savvy strategies that are shaping the future of medical marketing and learn how to turn challenges into opportunities for growth and impact. Don’t miss out on the insights that could redefine your approach to marketing in the health and wellness space.

Meet the Host & Guests

Host - Andreea Borcea

Asking questions with curiosity and expertise.

With 20+ years in marketing and extensive experience working with medical, health & wellness companies, Andreea is a fantastic guide as we explore what’s working today, what’s changed since yesterday & what we expect for the future of medical marketing.

Founders & Marketing Professionals

Our guests are here to change the world…if only everyone knew about it.

That’s the unique challenge we explore as we discuss successes, challenges and learnings with experienced professionals in the medical, health & wellness space as they try to get the word out there without overstepping ever-changing regulations.

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