Press &
Public Relations

In digital marketing, knowing when and how to utilize press channels can be a powerful tool in boosting your brand’s reputation. At Dia Creative, we have worked with all manner of media and publications, putting together press releases and partnerships to best share your story and value to the world through known, reputable channels.

While a focus on web development and social media channels may feel like it pulls focus from traditional things like ‘press kits’, these are actually an essential piece of ensuring your brand’s story can be told authentically by outside journalists and publications, arming them with valuable details to write compelling content about your brand.

Since news is now a 24-7 industry, current publications now have to source and verify the validity to produce 2-3 times the amount of their predecessors, a well produced press kit can be an easy way to expand the reach of your messaging. The result is a well rounded approach to marketing that allows other media outlets to shine further light and attention on the brand you’ve been working so hard to build.

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