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Daniel Redman, CEO and Founder of SalesEnable, came to Dia Creative for a complete website transformation. He admitted his current website was non-productive in a lot of ways but by far the biggest issue was that it didn’t properly illustrate the purpose his business served. To potential customers, it was unclear:

  • The benefits of working with SalesEnable
  • The tactics they employed 
  • And ultimately, the impressive results they could achieve 

As such, a major priority for this website redesign was telling a much clearer story. We accomplished this through updated copy and imagery, as well as reorganizing the structure and layout of the website to improve customer experience. 

Daniel was emphatic from the start that with the new website design, he did not want to lose his (and the SalesEnable) personality entirely. As a self-described “quirky” person, he wanted the new website to feel authentic and stay in line with the culture at SalesEnable which is extremely friendly and conversational. Our Graphic Designer captured Daniel’s personality to a tee through fun illustrations and a bold color pallet. Additionally, the new website was designed to be mobile-friendly, a major improvement from the previous website. 

By implementing copy, structure and design improvements, we delivered a brand new website that Daniel is proud to show off and most importantly, clearly defines SalesEnable’s mission: to save sales!


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