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Kolby Goodman, owner of The Job Huntr, came to Dia Creative for a website makeover. As a successful Career Coach, his website didn’t reflect the level of expertise and passion he possessed nor did it tell a clear story of the many services he offered. Kolby has helped countless individuals take their careers to the next level and we got to return the favor by taking his website to new heights. With fresh branding, an easy to navigate layout and updated content we were able to completely transform the website. As an extremely busy mentor, Kolby took advantage of our low-commitment, flexible plan so he could continue to focus on helping his clients while we got to work on his website. Similar to a job interview, you only have one chance to make a good first impression. With a brand new, polished website, Kolby is now able to do just that. 

In addition to our website redesign, we added many features to the new site. For instance, pulling in Yelp and Google reviews that automatically generate as clients leave their glowing reviews about their experiences working with Kolby. We connected Calendly so potential clients could easily schedule a consultation as well as Pipedrive to allow people to subscribe to Job Huntr emails. Furthermore, we evaluated the current email funnels, provided advice on how to improve them, and wrote copy for new ones. 

In summary, when working with The Job Huntr, we:

  • Clearly defined their brand identity and story
  • Built a brand new, easy to navigate website
  • Added numerous website features to improve customer experience
  • Evaluated their email funnels and provided new copy in order to improve both open and click-through-rates

Despite all of these improvements, our work wasn’t complete. With a new book and online course on the horizon, we outlined marketing and launch strategies for each and look forward to implementing them in the upcoming weeks!


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