TikTok is the New Search Engine for Gen Z

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TikTok has become an indispensable app for the younger generation of internet users. And one of the things that have come out of TikTok is the search bar. As the internet becomes more of a visual place. Gen Z has started to use TikTok in replace of Google. This doesn’t come as a surprise, since Youtube.com is the second most popular search engine. a place where you can look up reviews of products you want to try or places you want to go. Sometimes a video of something is much better than sifting through a 500-1000 word blog. 

Gen Z on TikTok

Back in the day when you wanted to find a place, lunch, or a recipe to try, you would go to Google.com and search “Lunch Near Me” or “Dinner Recipes to Try” and sift through a bunch of blogs and listicles. 

search engine

Now, Gen Z is searching for “Lunch in the West Village ” on TikTok, and thousands of videos pop up with visuals of what the food, the restaurant, the price, and the ambiance are giving to you in under 1 minute.  Within 10 minutes of searching, you can find up to 10-12 options with reviews and a comment section filled with people agreeing that this restaurant is fantastic to go to and they also recommend going to. 

The TikTok search engine is great for life hacks and tips and tricks. With so many industry professionals sharing their knowledge on the app for everyone to see, you’re one search away from learning how to get a tomato sauce stain from a shirt, how to organize your home in a more efficient way, or how to shop more budget-friendly. 

Another great use for TikTok search is sharing products, you may have heard of “Stuff TikTok made me buy” which is a huge category on its own of small gadgets and appliances that everyone on TikTok loves and raves about which makes you more inclined to buy.

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Now, what does this mean for businesses trying to reach more clients? 


With 1.5 billion monthly users on TikTok, businesses may be inclined to jump on the bandwagon and get to standing in front of the camera. It’s important not to immediately jump on using the newest trending audio, filter or dance move. It’s important to be intentional about what you post about your product, and how to talk about it. Tiktok search engine can boost showing the audience how to use your product, how they can benefit from it if they buy it, and who this is for. Discussing the story behind the product is also a great way to encourage people who are looking for intentional buys to give your product or service a chance. You don’t just want to go viral once, building an audience that is loyal and slow growth is what you want. 

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