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Gary Kramer, Executive Director of Unscripted Learning, a nonprofit organization that uses improv theatre to teach teamwork, sportsmanship and leadership in addition to performance skills, approached Dia Creative in desperate need of a website revamp. He outlined many complaints with his current site that we set out to remedy with his new website design. 

For instance, the lack of imagery was a major issue. As an organization that works largely with the Autism community and senior citizens, Gary stressed the importance of including as many photos as possible on the new site. He said:

“Seeing happy, engaged people is a positive thing for these groups. Within the Autism community, so many of these kids don’t laugh or connect with each other, so seeing that on our site is a plus.”

Furthermore, Active Minds, a popular program for senior citizens, is all about creating a new social group and laughing and engaging with each other. Conveying this sense of fun and belonging through the new website imagery was a priority as this population would otherwise not likely sign up for a class such as this.

Another important aspect of the new website was the overall design and layout. Gary noted his current site ran a bit long, with a lot of scrolling required before it even got into what Unscripted Learning was all about. He admitted:

“It was not particularly compelling from the start and they had forced themselves to fit into a template, rather than having it flow smoothly.”

In fact, much of the content was “filler”, added solely to fill the empty boxes within the template. With that in mind, we set out to deliver a new website that told a clearer story and provided a more user-friendly experience with a cleaner, sleeker, more contemporary design.

By implementing a bright, bold color pallet with a plethora of images throughout, we were able to deliver on our promise of creating a compelling, easy to navigate and mobile-friendly website. With a brand new modern website, Gary is free to devote his time to what Unscripted Learning does best, building up it’s community, including everyone from youth to senior citizens.


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