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Videos make a difference. Grab your audience and keep their attention longer, creating memorable and sharable informative videos.

Personal Guides

You may have seen personal guides before. When you come to a web page a person walks onto the screen and welcomes you to the site. Or an animated face appears in the corner and asks you to type in any question you may wondering about the store.

At Dia Creative we call these Personal Guides. They are usually in Flash video format and are easily integrated into any site.

Many customers love the feeling of personal attention that they typically only find in a bricks-and-mortar store. Best of all, they can now get the personal attention without leaving the house!

Your Personal guide can be:

• A tour guide
• Another customer offering advice or reviews
• A customer service rep
• A personal shopper
• Or anything else you’d like

They come in a few formats as well. Your personal guide can be seen from only the head and shoulders and appear in a corner on the screen or as part of your header. Or you can have a full-body about 4 inches tall wander onto the screen from the right or left and offer assistance.

All personal guides can be muted or stopped at anytime. If your customer wants the help, they listen, if they don’t, they can easily go back to browsing your site.

A personal guide is also a great way to introduce products or specials or to pass along any information your customers may want.

Instructional Videos & Materials

Why limit your teaching materials to books and pamphlets? Do more than instruct, show and explain with a full training packet developed based on your priorities.

  • Get a trained professional or a talented actor to show your customers how to use your products.
  • Have an engaging animated video communicate your brand story or customer journey.

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