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Sustainable. Quality. Play-minded. Awesome company.

Traci Costa came to Dia Creative to help with the pivot away from an at-home stylist-run business model to an ecommerce superstore. Then COVID hit and vendors across the country started competing on discounts rather than brand reputation. Together we worked to rebuild PK Beans messaging to attract the right audiences at the right time.

Listen to Traci tell you both about her experience with Andreea from Dia Creative and her initial hesitation about working with a consultant.

Family-run construction business. Awesome people.

Alicia Moya, Owner of Moya Construction, a family-run business with decades of happy customers (corporate, individual and playground!) needed a new website and branding update and we were thrilled to help.

Here, Alicia shares some lovely praise about working together to relaunch MoyaCo’s online presence.

Speaker, Life-changer, Awesome person.

Jessica Brustad, Founder & CEO of, loved working with us so much that she came back again with her second start-up,

Here are some of the kind words she said that really made us proud to help her launch two businesses into successful companies.

Innovator, Influencer, Awesome-preneurs

Rona Lewis, Co-Founder & CEO of, wanted to throw in her two cents as well, which we very much appreciated!

We love supporting women-owned businesses from concept through multi-millions in revenue. Even if you just want to talk through some ideas, reach out below!

Insolvency professional, Entrepreneur, Awesome person.

Ken Murphy, Founder & CEO of IRIS, came to Dia Creative to help launch his cutting-edge insolvency database business.

Here’s what this startup entrepreneur had to say about working with Dia Creative to create his digital footprint

“I met with several marketing firms who seemed to have some experience with startups in the professional space. Ultimately, I felt like I had a good rapport with Andreea. She understood my business very quickly and was willing to work with me and around the limitations of a pre-launch tech startup.

There was a very clear plan for my go-to-market that was implemented almost immediately. And you kept on me to make sure I met my deliverables as well. I knew what was expected of me, and I knew that if I met my end of things that you would hold up yours as well.

I enjoy working with Dia because your staff is always ready to step in and help me with new ideas or opportunities. I like working with a small nimble company.”


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The Funny Yogi

Client: Jessica Brustad
Business: Speaker

Jessica had recently discovered her passion for public speaking and sharing her message about Joy and Laughter Yoga, and had started building out her business.  Like many of our clients, Jessica’s first website was built as a DIY on Wix, but as she soon discovered Wix can be very clunky, and worse, very restrictive.

Together we :

  • solidified her brand, so she had clarity on how and why she was creating a business
  • built out a target customer persona so it was clear who she was serving
  • developed core messaging she could use across social media, in-person events and the website and newsletters we designed for her.
  • strategized on how best to enter the market and expand her marketing reach while still giving her time to actually run her business.

The Funny Yogi continues to be a monthly business strategy client as we work together to grow her business and online presence. - Before



Randy's Workout

Client: Randy Neuberg
Business: Personal Trainer

While Randy was busy helping his clients reach their fitness goals, we got to work helping him take control of his web presence; making it modern, informative and mobile-friendly.

We worked with Randy on both content and design to ensure that potential clients were clear about what services Randy offers and what makes him such an exceptional personal trainer.

Being a local business, we spent our time together:

  • developing out a North County San Diego marketing strategy
  • built up his presence with local search engine results with no requirements to post regularly on any social media platforms,

It was our priority to create a low-commitment plan, so Randy could continue to focus on helping as many clients as possible without getting bogged down with digital marketing.



National Comedy Theatre

Client: Gary Kramer
Business: Theatre Company
Launching: October 2019

In order to run the theatre business effectively, NCT’s website needed to not only showcase the dynamic real-life experience of a night of improv comedy, but also efficiently sell tickets and improv classes of all levels with prerequisites, leaving it a hodge-podge of platforms tenuously working together to meet the theatre’s needs.

The first order of business was to do a complete needs analysis to ensure that if we were going to update the site, we didn’t break NCT’s ability to continue running its business. What started as a website refresh became a complete system overhaul, allowing us to merge systems into one secure platform to provide better business data and a better experience for both customers and employees.

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